About Us

Southern Waukesha County Canine Search and Rescue is a team of canines and their humans helping families, Fire Departments, Law Enforcement, and government agencies search and locate missing persons or pets.

Chief Phil Buchholtz, with over 50 years in the Fire and EMS field, along with his son Deputy Chief Jason Buchholtz, founded the group in 2018 when they realized just how valuable a team of highly trained dogs can be.

Since the founding of the group in 2018, it has grown to 7 K9's and 11 personnel. We have dogs as young as 6 months (still learning) to 8 years, and personnel from as young as 15 years old. Together, we set out to bring home missing or lost people and pets.

The team has even conducted trainings throughout Wisconsin with fire departments, law enforcement agencies, FEMA, and the Wisconsin National Guard. We have even been invited to do another training with the Wisconsin National Guard in May of 2022!

While our team is based out of Southern Waukesha County, we are able to mobilize to other areas to assist local agencies in their efforts. Our team will come to you!

While we may seem like a small group, the work we do is no small task. Hours and hours of training go into the dogs and humans to prepare for natural disasters and missing persons. Why do we do it? Why invest so much time and money into something that doesn't pay? That's very easy to answer. We do it "So others may live"!